Skin Doctor {60ml}

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Description: Angelina's first skin care formula and still our most popular item. A special blend of moisturizers, essential oils and extracts mend and strengthen even the worst dry, cracked skin. Angelina developed Skin Doctor over 8 years to get the formula just right. It's even doctor recommended!

Skin Doctor is 100% GUARANTEED! We are so sure that you will love the Skin Doctor, we offer you a full money-back guarantee if you don't.

Packed in convenient, pocket-sized tins so you can take it with you wherever you go. It's perfect for backpacking, climbing, ski trips, after gardening, cooking, and for treating all your little owies. Beloved for the instant protection it provides, this salve is wildly popular with doctors, nurses and other health care providers who are required to wash their hands often. We have doctors who apply a little Skin Doctor to the wound right after they stitch up a patient and then send that person home with a tin to speed healing and reduce the possibility of scarring.

Indications: Use Skin Doctor for deep cracks in fingers, hands, toes and feet. Also great for cuts, scrapes, bites, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, sunburn, windburn, tissue nose, rock rash, dry elbows & knees, boo boos, and as a nighttime moisturizer.

Benefits: Moisturizing, protective, antibacterial antiseptic (kills germs), anti-fungal (okay for athlete's foot), soothing, calming and helps speed the growth of healthy new skin. Helps prevent scarring.

Skin Type: Dry, Very Dry, Cracked, Irritated, Sensitive


Directions: Cleanse the skin very well and apply Skin Doctor.

Tips: Skin Doctor works best when applied at night (so it can sink in) and when you apply it often, so your skin has a chance to heal before drying out again.

Key Ingredients: 

olive.jpgExtra virgin cold pressed olive oil: Moisturizing; high in long-chain fatty acids; nutritious for your skin.


hemp-seeds-sq-sm.jpgHempseed oil: Deeply moisturizing; full of vitamins and long-chain fatty acids; rich in antioxidants that fight sun and environmental damage.


arnica-flower-sq-sm.jpgArnica oil: Arnica flowers solar infused into organic olive oil help speed reconstruction of connective tissues by stimulating circulation and bringing white blood cells to the area, which helps to minimize bruising and soreness.

saint-john-s-wort-flowers.jpgSt. John's Wort oil: Flowers solar infused into organic olive oil act as an anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling and speed healing.


Pure Beeswax: Provides a "second skin" to protect your own skin while it heals.

Vitamin E oil: Powerful antioxidant that reduces environmental and sun damage. Wheat free (soy source).

calendula-sq-sm.jpgCalendula oil: Reduces inflammation, stimulates cellular renewal at the wound site to speed healing and minimize scarring; soothes itchy skin.


lavenderflowers-sq-sm.jpgLavender essential oil: Gentle antiseptic which helps prevent infection; calms irritated skin.



Rosemary essential oil: Powerful antiseptic that kills bacteria and fungi.


tea-tree.pngTea Tree essential oil: Powerful antiseptic and anti-fungal. Helps support the skin's ability to heal itself. 


eucalyptus-sq-sm.jpgthyme1.jpgRed Thyme & Eucalyptus essential oils: Powerful antiseptic, anti-fungal and antiviral.




Full Ingredients List: cold-pressed unrefined extra virgin olive oil*, cold-pressed hemp seed oil*, calendula oil*, arnica extract*, St. John’s wort extract~, Oregon beeswax, vitamin E oil (wheat-free mixed tocopherols), essential oils of Oregon lavender*, rosemary*, tea tree*, thyme* and eucalyptus*.
*Certified Organic



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Great for Owies and Boo Boos
Written by Danny on 30th Jul 2018

While Skin Doctor has helped with my dry feet, hands, and elbows, it gets more use these days as a balm for our daughter's occasional scraped knees and whatnot. It has antiseptic oils that should help fight off infections, and it creates a thin barrier to help everything heal up. Even if it's mostly a placebo effect, she settles down and stops crying as soon as we apply some "balm" to her owies and boo boos. The size lasts a long time, too. I'll continue to keep some on hand, because scraped knees are just a part of being a kid.

Sweet eczema solution
Written by Tere on 18th Apr 2018

This rich salve is great to treat eczema. My son likes the fact that its richness gets absorbed and not smeared in his pajamas. There is a refreshing feeling once you have applied it. I also use it to pamper my hands. The smell is subtle and not overwhelming. And, best of all? It is all natural. ~

Saves my hands
Written by Deona on 3rd Jan 2018

We use this all year, all over, and it saves the nurses' hands in my house from the harsh hand sanitizers and frequent hand-washing in the dry high desert air.

Skin Doctor is the bomb!
Written by Sandi on 22nd Aug 2017

This product is amazing. My granddaughter is prone to rough and at times cracked skin on her little hands. I've tried many different things for her at, times leaving her screaming in pain. This product is amazing. I can use it on her with no worry that it will sting her poor little hands. And she heals nicely. I keep the big tin at home and the smaller size in my purse. Grandma doesn't ever want to cause her pain again. Thanks!!!

Dry and cracked skin
Written by Cindy on 13th Jun 2016

a friend of mine turned me on this product. I have recently experiencing very dry, cracked, itchiness on the bottom of my right foot. When I use this regularly it helps keep it under control.

Written by Ben Pethe on 9th May 2013

It would be nice if you could get a travel size to equal 3.4 oz to comply with carry-on requirements. Either that or reduce the 4 oz to 3.4 oz. Other than the size the product is wonderful and works well up on the North Slope of Alaska.

Wonderful product.
Written by Unknown on 12th Dec 2012

I have had dried cuticles for years which rip and bleed constantly. This product has really helped me with this problem. My hands look pretty agaiin.

Skin Doctor for Climbers!
Written by Ryan on 1st Apr 2012

Hey there, I love the Skin Dr and use it after every climbing session. I prefer it to every other climbing salve I've tried. It smells great, absorbs nicely without feeling greasy, and it seems to help my skin recover from the destruction of rock + chalk. It is an excellent product and I recommend it at the climbing gym I work at and to the climbers at my other job. I lived in Squamish and Leavenworth and I used Skin Dr religiously before going to sleep at night. Despite my obsession with sharp granite boulders/cracks, my skin stayed healthy and endured my daily abuse with the help of Skin Dr. Thanks for making a badass product! Peace, Ryan

I don't know what I'd do without it!
Written by Jennifer Toro on 9th Mar 2012

I LOVEEEEE me some Skin Doctor. I started using it about a year ago, and have convinced many to try it after seeing my results. My cuticles get dry and bleed, so I use it as a hand lotion. I also have slight eczema in the winter, and use it to relieve the itchiness. I love that it works so well, is natural and lasts FOREVER.

Super healing
Written by undefined on 8th Mar 2012

It works...for cracked a dry hands!

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